Kathy Kennebrook, is the ultimate success story. She will show you how she generates a 7 figure income by mailing a handful of letters throughout the year to highly selected targets. The secrets that she’s going to share with you will increase your business several fold and make it easier for you to find the highest number of deals with the lease amount of work!!! The deals are finally out there, we just need to FIND THEM! Don’t miss all her inside secrets to marketing and finding those best deals! Go to http://www.investingwiththestars.net/kathy

I have prepared a short list of the most popular, most listened to, most downloaded and best selling teleconference interviews on the ‘Investing with the Stars’ Teleconference over the last 12 months!

This by no means all of our archived training calls. We have over 50 training audio’s available to you and it grows every week.

You can listen on my website or download every call to your own computer and start your own collection!

Below you will find our most popular interviews with individual links to the audio. Take the time to listen to each one of them and I guarantee your success will multiply!!

Discover the steps you MUST take to achieve the elusive level of greatness you seek! Listen and download the entire unedited call !
First on the list is Jack Bosch, teaching Profits in Land! He has a Great niche for buying and flipping land for quick cash!
“First generation Immigrant goes from Dead Broke to being a millionaire after Discovering THIS Secret Real Estate Investment System to Buy Free and Clear Land for as little as $100.00 and sometimes even for FR’EE” You will learn how to:

* Find more Hyper-motivated Sellers of Quality Land than you can handle.
* Buy these properties FREE and Clear for as little as $100.00 each
* How to even get some properties FOR FREE (hard to believe but TRUE).
* Put your land Business on Auto-Pilot so you have Tens of thousands of dollars coming in through the mail.
* Sell Properties in less than 10 days for top dollar

Neither Andy Heller nor his real estate partner Scott Frank, ever intended to become full time real estate investors. However, in their approximately 40 years of combined real estate investing, they have developed a long term real estate investing strategy that has allowed them to make loads of money while minimizing their time, effort and headaches. In 2005, FORTUNE MAGAZINE recognized the “Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High” program among the top five real estate wealth building strategies.

Banks Are Dumping Their REOS! Learn how to profit in Buying REOs from Alfred Alonso He is teaching How to generate cash quickly (30 days or less) without speaking with sellers or spending a dime on marketing.
• With NO risk and NO Credit.
• Time honored, proven system that works like gangbusters
• How this opportunity will very likely NEVER happen again!
• You won’t learn this anywhere else!


Sean Carpenter, Finding Government Funding for your Real Estate Deals!

How he uses government funds in his deals
* If and how he uses government funding in conjunction with conventional financing
* What the HUD programs are and how they work
* What the requirements are for the various programs
* The differences between “hard” and “soft” government financing programs
* What tax credit programs are available and how to use them
* How the Stimulus bills have been helping investors
* How the new foreclosure bill is affecting investors
* What’s involved in getting funds for your deals

Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth. Darius Barazandeh, will teach you how to reposition yourself in the law so that you can go out and make more money than you have ever thought possible. You will be amazed at how a good knowledge of the law will actually let you make more money. In today’s lawsuit happy society, making it isn’t enough. You also have to know how to protect your wealth, or someone will take it away from you. It might be your tenants, the IRS, the government regulations (like lead paint) or some greedy lawyer. Unless you are shielded, everything you have can be lost.


Marketing Systems to fill your pipeline full of motivated sellers, explode your business & put quick cash in your pocket! Than Merrill, CEO of Fortune Builders, INC and CT Homes, LLC, is the king of marketing when it comes to finding under market value properties. Than is one of the most successful young investors in the nation and is currently buying between 9 and 10 single family and multi-family properties a month with an average profit of over $30,000 each. In the past three years he has bought over 200 single family and multi-family properties. Not a small feat considering his average project requires over $35,000+ in rehab.


America’s #1 Authority on attracting Private Money. Over the past ten years, Alan Cowgill has perfected nine methods for attracting people with money, winning their confidence, and turning them into private lenders. He’s acquired over 200 properties, and since 2002, he’s financed 100% of his purchases and renovations with private money.

Find out how you can too! Listen and download the entire unedited call!


Reggie Brooks is an active investor, specializing in unique ways of finding properties, strategically repairing properties, and systematically selling properties higher than the prevailing market.


Bill Twyford has been buying foreclosures for almost a decade. In his first year as an investor, he sold eighty properties. The money was ten times better than any commission he had earned, so he made the switch from agent to investor, and his career took off. To date he has sold well over 850 properties.

Bill is so successful because he has learned the art of communication. The difference between earning good money and great money is the way you speak. Listen and download the entire unedited call!




If you missed the Live teleconference with me, Nancy Geils explaining how to buy Multi Family Investment property for Big Cash Flow…. here is your second chance!


There you have it! Our most webinar training interviews!

Please listen and get them while you can as we don’t know how long they will be available! Please remember, my business philosophy is to put people and principles before profits, when you do that, everyone profits!

To your success,

Nancy Geils


P.S Take advantage of your FREE bonus: Download Creating Residual Income Opportunities in Real Estate: http://www.investingwiththestars.net/season3/Ebook_1.pdf…Enjoy!


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