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At a Denver bootcamp last June (which was epic by the way 🙂 one of the things that attendees raved about was the fact that they gave everyone a list of local private lenders in their area who are already lending to real estate investors.

These are *actual* private lenders.

Not hard money lenders…
Not banks…
Not “fakers” who say they have cash and don’t…

Normal everyday people who have funds that they are using to lend to real estate investors for your deals… and much of the time for less than 8%

Anyhow, after that they kept on getting emails about it from the attendees and their subscribers about how they gathered up that fresh, *active* local private lenders lists so quickly.

Well… my friend Patrick made a video for ya that shows ya how he did it (he calls it Private Money On Demand…
because you can literally find lenders within 20 minutes).

Go Check It Out:

The video explains it all…

… and explains how you can get your own private lender list as well this week.

Have a great week!


PS- In the video he shows you a $300k private lender that came up doing what he shows in the video… they’re out there… you just have to know where to look. But, most important… you have to know what to do once you’ve found them… thats the important part 🙂

Check ‘er out before he takes it down:


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