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From:  Nancy Geils
Subject:  Flipping Land for profits…

Save Your Seat Right Now…  
Dial In Date: TUESDAY, MARCH 23
Dial In Time: 9PM EST, 6PM PST
Register Your Seat Here:  

What’s This All About?  
Okay… so you’ve never really thought about “land”, but what  
IF you could pick up land for pennies on the dollar and “flip”  
it to another buyer?

You can wholesale land just like you can  
a single family home or an apartment building. You just don’t  
have to worry about tenants, trash or tons of repairs!

Now… Jack has been doing this “secretly” for the last 7  
years during which time he bought and SOLD over 5573 pieces of  
land – many of them for $100 – $500! Some even LESS than that!

The best part about this is when you’re buying land for 5% of  
CURRENT market value, you can make it work in ANY market…  

In fact, even “gurus” like Ron LeGrand have asked Jack to  
share his secrets with HIM!

You’ll learn how to buy properties:

… For as little as 5% down;

… Directly from the owners;

… WithOUT competition;

… WithOUT mortgages (no credit worries!);

… And SELL them in as little as 7-10 days for TOP dollar;

Plus, he’ll even show you how to build a $$$ stream for YEARS  
to come without tenants, toilets or trash!

–> https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/838366194
Don’t Miss This Webinar on Tuesday night!
I know you probably “heard” about Jack a few weeks ago when  
everyone was buzzing about his new training. But we were one of the  
FIRST to actually get him on the line so I can GRILL him on  
these strategies and give you all the meat 😉

Join us Tuesday night at 9:00pm EDT and listen from THE EXPERT…  
-  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/838366194

Yours In Success,  

Nancy Geils


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