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3 Steps to to $30,000 in 30-60 days

It IS possible. Here's how:

  1. Find motivated sellers with low loan balances.
  2. Take ownerships Subject-to without risk.
  3. Sell the property for a big profit.

 The 4 best sources to find motivated sellers

Motivated sellers are key for an adequate inventory. Here are 4 sources to find them:

  1. Bad credit files. Homeowners with credit scores of 520 or less.
  2. Recently turned down for credit (get these from your mortgage broker).
  3. 30/6/.90 day mortgage late list.
  4. Bankruptcies

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Wealth rewards action and penalizes inaction: When I see an opportunity, I take action and do what other people aren't willing to do.

Get contacts in 60 seconds or less

Use these sources to get contacts quickly:

·      http://usps.com/createmail/

·      http://www.amazingmail.com

Find out how much money the seller really needs

Ask this question to cut to the chase and get the real information you need to help you know if you can help them: "If I could pay you some money now and some money later, say, within six months, how much would you need now?"

12-step system for Subject-to buying

Resist inaction and get started! Just follow these steps:

  1. Lead qualification and due diligence
  2. Present and explain concepts
  3. Give validation information
  4. Make offer
  5. Manage objections
  6. Write sales contract
  7. Explain paperwork and closing process
  8. Validation from 3rd parties
  9. Perform due diligence


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