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Role of marketing in real estate


Real estate has had several
veterans in the past – some in the form of investors, others as agents.
However, not all have made it to the success charts of the sector. While most
are boggled by the mystery, we know that the reason lies in the real estate
marketing. Real estate marketing is a very important aspect of the sector,
where not only people but the properties themselves too benefit from it!


Real estate marketing for the agent

In the slumping times, where few
people are going property shopping, it becomes extremely important for the
agent to properly market his services. This is a time where your achievements
will not help. What will help is marketing the services and benefits that you
can give to the clients. Since most real estate buyers are now online,
maintaining a user friendly website would make for an effective real estate
marketing tool.


Then again, going with the times
is also one of the major pointers that can help you move freely in the uptight
markets. For instance, with more and more home owners falling behind in the
mortgage payments and facing the prospects of bankruptcy and foreclosures,
shorts sales are gaining ground. Even amongst the buyers, short sale properties
are posing as a major attraction. Therefore, marketing yourself as a short sale
expert, you can help convert several leads into clients. A short sale is when
the home owner, in order to avoid foreclosure, sells his property with
permission from the mortgage lender, at a price lower than the amount due. A
short sale allows the home owner to settle the mortgage with the proceedings of
the sale, while also keeping some for self.


Real estate marketing for the property

Just the way an agent looks
forward to marketing, real estate properties too need proper marketing in order
to sell fast. In this, a real estate agent plays a very important role. It is
up to the real estate agent to advertise for the property efficiently in order
for it to sell quickly. These days, there are several independent brokers
acting in the field of promoting a property for their own gain. This is a
process termed as wholesaling. In this, the broker acts as a preliminary
investor and signs a buying contract with the seller, paying a certain amount as
the depository price. This is simply a sales contract with a “and/or assigns” clause,
while a certain time frame is set for the final buy, which if not kept, leads
to a total forfeit of the depository amount. After the contract is signed, the broker
starts marketing the property amongst the buyer circle and finds a ready buyer
for the property within the time frame. Suppose the broker sets the final price
of the property as $40,000 with the original seller, while the actual market price
of the property is $70,000. Now the final buyer the broker finds for the
property would be willing to pay $50,000 for the same property. Thus, the
broker makes a cool $10,000 off the deal, even as the final buyer too saves up
to $20,000 on the property. Most short sale or foreclosure properties have this
kind of investors working for them.


Keeping the above pointers in
mind, both, the sellers and the agents can benefit from the real estate
marketing tips. Don’t you agree?

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