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Four Real Estate
Marketing Tools You Should Be Using


economy is recovering, but it is still not in as good of a condition as it was
before the recession reared its ugly head. 
The real estate market has not yet stalled, but it is very slow.  It is important that you learn about, and
use, every possible tool that you can find in order to ensure your
success.  Every seasoned real estate
agent knows that there are many different tools to use, but those who are just starting
out do not have the benefit of many years worth of experience.  In this article, you will learn about four
basic real estate marketing tools that you should be using.



mailing is an important aspect of your real estate marketing efforts.  You are simply using newsletters and
postcards to advertise your services as a real estate agent, as well as your
agency's services.  It is vital that
these direct mailings be sent about once a month.  The goal is to make sure that the customers
that you have on the mailing list get familiar with you.  The hope is that by knowing you are there,
when they consider buying real estate, you are the first person that pops into
their head.  Research has shown that regular
mailings have helped to make you look more credible and professional.


and Sold Mailings

in structure and purpose are the listed and sold mailings.  Basically, you are compiling a mailing of a
property that has just been listed for sale, or a property that has just been
sold.  You then mail these to the people
within the vicinity of the property. 
This lets them know that you are around the area, ready to do business
at a moment's notice.  You can use these
mailings as postcards or as newsletters. 
The postcards do well when it is just one property in a neighborhood.  The newsletters are better when you have
multiple homes within the same area, like a subdivision.



your neighborhoods is a normal part of the job. 
When you are canvassing, you will most likely come across a few homes
who have residents that are not home. 
Instead of simply walking away and making a mental note of the home,
leave a door hanger.  Your door hanger
should include your agency affiliation and contact information.  The door hanger will be the first thing the
homeowner sees when they get home.


Estate Calendars

estate calendars are absolutely amazing tools for marketing.  People will take them because they are free
and they are calendars.  Usually they
will get hung on fridges or around desks where they gain a large level of
visibility.  The calendar is used tons of
times when someone needs to keep track of dates.  If you are using these tools, you know that
your information is visible on the bottom of the calendar at all times, and it
is viewed by anyone who looks at the calendar.


real estate marketing takes some patience and effort during normal economic
circumstances.  When you add the problems
with the current economy and the real estate market conditions, you need real
estate marketing tools even more now than ever before.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with
the aspects of the tools at your disposal.


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