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sure shot ways to attract home buyers


you are a seller, in an effort to sell your house you need to present your home
in such a way that it makes an irresistible impression in buyer's mind. But how
does one bring that wow factor in his / her home? Let me guide you………….


Some basics of home

starters, begin with making your house clean. Remove all the clutter and
personal photos from your home. Get that paint job and repairs done to deck it
all up. And do not forget that aromatic smell which has to come from your house
to linger on potential buyers. Large kitchens, great storage space, bright
rooms and openness of the floor plans with proper finishing are the things buyers
look for in a home normally.


Some not to miss

is inline with the industry opinion. This year alone, Americans may spend close
to $217 billion in remodeling of their homes. Well, if you are one of them keep
these five tips in mind


1. Preserve nature. Buyers
nowadays are looking for homes which have energy efficient products and
attractive household items like better insulation, caulking, skylights, replaced
old window etc.


2. To give your home new life,
try adding wider baseboard and a fresh coat of paint. For making a difference
to your doors and windows frame them. It really works and your home is ready to
wow buyers.


3. When you are getting a paint
job done look for colors which generally appeal to buyers. You can have the
color of your choice till the time you are planning not to sell it anyways. So
when you are painting it will a mind to sell it, try to make it as appealing as
possible for potential buyers Try textured paint, accented walls or go for faux
finishing to give your home a 'not to be missed' look.


4. Do not miss the flooring. Dirty,
torn or chipped flooring are huge turnoffs. You can go in for wood flooring,
tiles or just a new carpet to complete the look.


5. You can even add a deck. This
can be a great value add for your home as buyers are happy to buy a home in
which they do not have to spend extra money on customization to suit their


here you go. All the best in your pursuit in creating the wow factor on the
buyer’s mind. Go for it; you can do it.

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