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Great article from Raymond Aaron:

Purpose, Vision and Goals Raymond Aaron interviews Bob Proctor

What is the reason you get up in the morning? When your feet hit the floor are you raring to go and ready of an exciting day? If not then you are not living your life on "Purpose" and you absolutely must take the time to listen to what Bob Proctor, star of The Secret has to say…

 In Purpose, Vision and Goals Discover:

• Why you need to know about "letting" somebody help you when you're stuck…it's not as obvious as you think

• How to tap into the power of your subconscious mind • How getting an early start every day has a profound affect everything you do • The critical importance of doing what your love to do • How to ask for more and get more almost every time you…ASK

• The true Power of Setting a Goal that motivates you just by thinking of it…

• The profound book Bob has referenced over and over since 1951…amazing but true and much, much more… Action Steps You Can Take Right Now! • Write down what you are doing (right now)…

• Ask yourself what's working and write down the answers that occur to you. • Ask yourself what's not working and write down the answers that occur to you.

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