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Follow these simple steps and you could virtually have perfect credit in 30 days!

1.  Correct inaccuracies on your report.  Make sure name is spelled correctly, SS # is correct.

2.  Review any negative credit information and correct errors immediately!

3.  Keep all your credit card balances under 35% of the total credit limit available.  If you have a $5000 credit limit per card, carry no more than $1750 per card.  pay down your balances and spread out the balances among all your cards.

4.  Call your creditors and ask them to lower your interest rate!  They will lower your payment and reduce your overall debt!

5.  Call and ask your creditors to remove any fees such as late fees, over limit fees.  If you are a good customer they will do this for you.

6. Avoil too many inquiries into your credit reports.

7.  Pay every month and pay on time!  6 – 12 months of no missed payments and paying on time raised your credit score!

Your credit score is so important especially when you want to buy a house or an investment property so you are able to get the best rates!  For more information join our Free Real Estate Investing Strategies and Secrets Webinars every Thursday nights!  Go to http://www.investingwiththestars.net/season2

Happy Investing, Nancy Geils, Owner Investing with the Stars



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