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I had an awesome interview with a friend of mine Alan Cowgill.  He has a terrific program and he makes it easy to find Private Money Investors.

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OK then, where do we get the money to fund our deals? One of the best sources, involving the least amount of risk and at the lowest price, is Private Lenders. I have been using Private Lender funding for over a decade and it's one of the biggest reasons for my success.

Private Lenders are people who act like a bank, except without causing you all the hassles of a bank. They're looking for a better return on their investment(s) and understand just how safe Private Lending on quality houses, in first position, at low loan-to-value ratios can be. The key is that there a millions of potential Private Lenders who have never considered the concept, and who are silently begging for you to tell them about it. That's what Alan Cowgill has perfected and systemized for you.

Private Lenders will give you the edge you need so that you can make the "all cash" offers you hear so much about. And… another huge advantage of using Private Lenders is that your credit is irrelevant!

Like any other part of our business, you need a system; in this case for attracting, motivating and securing private loans. Alan Cowgill is without question, the nation's leading expert on the subject as it pertains to Real Estate Investing. He has created an easily duplicated system that when put into use, will attract all the private money you could ever hope to use.

I learned a long time ago (and I didn't believe it at first – but do now) that there is more money out there chasing Real Estate deals than you could ever hope to use in a lifetime. Now, it's time to go and get your share! You will soon learn that with Alan's system implemented in your business, private lenders will be lined up waiting for your next deal

Click this link to learn more about Alan Cowgill –http://budurl.com/rg73



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