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1.  The first success principle is to find a NICHE!

2.  Second is Leverage – The leverage of time, money and people

3.  Third is Market Research – Understanding the ins and outs of our particular market

4.  Fourth is efficiency – Referring to you "reap what you sow"

5. Fifth is Timing – Timing is everything.  You need to locate a "window of opportunity" in order to make the big money. Often these opportunities are right in front of you, so look closely.

6.  Sixth is ACTION- This is critical, you must take Action!  Poor people see the answers but don't act on thme.  Rich people know and live by the attitude that actions always beats inaction.  I have found that most people know what to do when it comes to investing. However, rather than taking action on what they see, they spend time trying to talk everybody else into it.   For more tips go to:


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Nancy Geils, Owner, Investing with the Stars


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